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About Volta Green Energy Ltd

Volta Green Energy Ltd offer a comprehensive range of services, specialising in Solar Panel & Battery systems, and the installation of electric vehicle chargers, across Kent, Essex, Surrey and Sussex.

Solar Panel Installers in Kent

With Volta Green Energy Ltd, installing solar panels is a breeze. We have years of experience in the field and are qualified experts in solar energy solutions. That's why we know how to install solar panels & battery systems efficiently and safely so that your home gets all the benefits of renewable energy without any compromise on quality or durability.

EV Charger Installers in Kent

Our electric vehicle car charging installation services means your home or workplace will be ready for the arrival of your new electric vehicle. The chargers we recommend & install are compatible for all plug-in vehicles, and we're fully qualified in the latest EV charger certifications so you can trust you're in safe hands.

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Meet the Team

At Volta Green Energy, we are an experienced and professional team, specialising in solar panel system installations and EV charger installations.  We are known for our personal service, taking the time to visit each customer to understand their specific requirements and needs.

Both Mark and Damien are electricians by trade with decades of experience, and have taken a specific interest in renewable energy solutions in recent years.  After working with solar panel specialist organisations across the South East for a number of years, focusing on installations, Volta Green Energy was formed in 2022.


We are keen to provide a personalised service, and showcase the power of green energy to all of our customers across Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Essex.  It is important that we drive high standards across the industry, installing solar panel & battery systems at a price that is fair, and installed with quality in mind.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about solar panel installations, solar battery storage systems, or EV chargers.

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