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Solar PV & Battery Installation
Bearsted, Kent

bearsted maidstone solar pv install 7.jpg
bearsted maidstone solar pv install.jpg

Take a look at our recent solar panel and battery storage installation in Bearsted, near Maidstone, in Kent.

We heard from a potential customer who's home was based in Bearsted, near Maidstone in Kent.  After an enquiry to Volta Green Energy, we visited them to meet with them face-to-face, and understand more about their energy usage and current requirements.  We also discussed any future plans for their home so we could ensure we were recommending a system that provides the best value for money.  Based on that information, we provided a free no-obligation quote alongside a plan for the system we'd designed; a 7.5kW solar panel system with 6.5kW battery storage.


We were delighted when the customer agreed to partner with us for their solar panels and battery storage, and we immediately got the ball rolling with a G99 Application with the DNO; UK Power Networks.  Volta Green Energy take the headache out of any potential paperwork and take care of all G99 applications, once we've had your written consent to liaise with them on your behalf.

bearsted maidstone solar pv install 2.jpg
bearsted maidstone solar pv install 6.jpg

Once we received approval for the G99 application from the DNO, we were ready to go and began work on the installation.  This customer was great to work with, as they were really excited about sustainability and off-setting the cost of their electricity usage by generating and storing their own power.

bearsted maidstone solar pv install 3.jpg
bearsted maidstone solar pv install 8.jpg

We installed panels both on the south-facing roof on the house, as well as additional panels on the south-facing side of the garage roof to be able to generate the appropriate amount of electricity required for the household.  We also installed pigeon protection netting to protect their solar panels and the overall investment; this wire mesh is fixed to the outside perimeter of the solar panels, which prevents pigeons or birds from nesting under solar panels.

bearsted maidstone solar pv install 4.jpg
bearsted maidstone solar pv install 9.jpg

The customer also chose to proceed with a Growatt storage battery system, which stores any surplus solar power generated by solar panels in the daytime into the battery, and uses it at night, maximising the consumption of solar energy generated.  Solar batteries also act as an emergency power back-up, so in the case of a power-cut, you have a guarantee of energy to your home.

bearsted maidstone solar pv install 5.jpg
bearsted maidstone solar pv install 7.jpg

If you are looking for a solar panel installer in Bearsted or Maidstone, look no further than Volta Green Energy Ltd.

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