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EV Charger Brands

As experts in EV Charger installations across Kent, Essex, Surrey and Sussex, we're happy to recommend these brands as some of the best in class EV Charging Solutions. All brands we work with are compatible with all electric and hybrid plug-in vehicles, and Volta Green Energy have qualified installers to ensure your installation goes smoothly so you can charge your electric car immediately.


zappi by myenergi

zappi is a smart Electric Vehicle charger that operates as a standard home car charger, using power from the grid.


The added benefit of the zappi charger is that it includes optional charging modes, which use 100% green energy. So, while you don't need solar panels to have a zappi charger, you can future proof your home charging solutions, knowing it can run on 100% green energy from your own home Solar PV system.

Using your own power generated from solar panels, means you can ultimately increase the return on investment from your solar panels and electric vehicle.  zappi is the first ever solar EV charger of it's kind.

Find out more about the zappi car charger on our blog.

SyncEV by BG

The SyncEV charger is a great charger for electric vehicles, with five models available.


It's known as the smallest smart charger in the world so is great for those with less space who are looking for a no-nonsense, car charging solution.

Find out more about the SyncEV charger on our blog.


EV Charger Installations
Kent, Essex, Sussex & Surrey

Whilst we mention the zappi and SyncEV chargers, we work with ALL car charger brands and are fully qualified to install electric vehicle chargers in homes & workplaces across Kent, Essex, Surrey and Sussex.

We'd be happy to discuss your individual requirements to discuss and recommend the best EV charging solution for you and your needs.

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