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How much to charge an electric car at home UK?

The latest figures (as of June 2024) show that the domestic electricity rate in the UK is approximately 25p per kWh. This means that a full charge of a standard 60 kWH electric car would cost you around £15 – a rate much cheaper than traditional fuel such as petrol or diesel!

This is just a rough way to work it out - the specifics of costs to charge your EV at home are variable based on factors such as;

  • your electricity tariff

  • The charging efficiency of your vehicle’s battery

  • The size of your vehicle’s battery

To calculate your costs, you can

  • determine the battery size of your car in kilowatt hours (kWh)

  • Check your electricity tariff

  • multiply these two figures together to understand what your car would cost to charge from home, from empty to full!

It’s worth noting that charging at home is also much cheaper than public charging stations, which makes the small investment needed to install a home charger worthwhile.

It’s not only the cost that makes them appealing - it’s also the convenience of being able to charge your car overnight, so it’s ready to go in the morning for your journey.

Contact us today if you’re looking for an EV charger installer in Kent.


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