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Do solar panels work if it's not sunny?

Updated: Sep 21, 2022


As summer comes to an end, and autumn arrives, we're all preparing for when the clocks go back next month. With that, the leaves on the trees change colour, the temperature grows colder, and of course, the daylight starts growing shorter.

So, it's only right to ask, do solar panels still work if it's not sunny?

In short, yes!

Anyone who's got sunburnt on a cloudy day knows all too well that the sun's rays can penetrate clouds. In exactly the same way, your solar panels will still be able to produce electricity for your home or business on cloudy days.

However, they might generate less power, depending on the quality and efficiency of your solar panels. This is where Volta Green Energy Ltd can help advise on the best possible solar power system for your home or business in Kent, Essex, Surrey or Sussex, to make sure you're able to harness as much of the sun's energy as possible.

It's also worth nothing that it doesn't need to be hot to generate electricity from your solar power system

In fact, solar panels work best in places that are sunny and cold, which is why we're seeing the government report in 2020 that there were 970,000 homes in the UK with solar panel installations.

A cloudy day shouldn't darken your view if you're considering going green & switching your energy sources to renewable solar power.


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